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Self-Esteem is the Key that Resolves Your Doubts, Fears, Anger and Sorrow?

Recently I read The Self-Esteem Book: The Ultimate Guide to Boost the Most Underrated Ingredient for Success and Happiness in Life by Dr. Joe Rubino. I enjoyed this book so much that I'd like to share this with you.

(If you haven't already, I invite you to check out my interview with Joe on the Daring Dreamer Showcase! He really knows his stuff, and is so inspiring that you'll end up feeling as bright and uplifted at the end of the show as I did!)

The Self-Esteem Book is a refreshing, easy-to-read guide that presents an effective step-by-step formula for improving your self-esteem.

As you know, having a healthy level of self-esteem is of the utmost importance if you are to live a great life, free of regrets, conflicts, and worry.  

Dr. Rubino found out that only 15% of us have sufficient self-esteem to be able to live life to the fullest!

Yes, this is a shocking statistic! Think of it: 85% of us suffer from the effects of diminished self-esteem in one or more areas of our lives!

Lacking self-esteem is often so subtle that we're typically not even fully aware of it!

Our diminished self-esteem is most evident in emotionally intense situations. Often these situations are most responsible for determining the quality of our lives.

That is why having a strong self-esteem level is of crucial importance for being all you can be, creating more joy, and enhancing the quality of your life in every way.

The Self-Esteem Book has three very well-tructured parts that, together, form a road map to improve the quality of your life by enhancing your self-esteem. You'll discover how to:
Complete your Past
Assess your Present
Design your Future

It's time to Reinvent yourself!

Each informative section makes for easy reading while providing a well structured set of exercises that will enable you to overcome any barriers that prevent you from living up to your fullest potential. Follow the simple system presented and you will experience maximum joy, happiness, prosperity and effectiveness.

Here are some of the Core Benefits you're about to experience upon learning and implenting Dr. Joe Rubino's teachings. You'll be able to:

Dramatically reduce stress and eliminate worry from your daily life
Live with significantly less frustration and fewer relationship challenges
Live more confidently and without nagging fears
Better cope with any problems and challenges you may encounter in life
Feel more relaxed while being much more effective with others
Experience greater joy and less anger or sadness
Experience a newfound sense of pride and satisfaction
Let go of what's holding you back
Develop the lifestyle you've always dreamed of
Achieve much more, much faster than you've ever done before
Interact with others in a much more productive manner
Allow yourself to love and receive love more readily than ever before
Plus much, much more!

I invite you to visit Dr. Joe Rubino's website now to discover all about the life-impacting The Self-Esteem Book. HERE

Just for taking a look, you'll also receive an informative recording on the nature of self-esteem for free. To learn more, GO HERE now.I can assure you that you'll enjoy this very much!

JOE'S VISION: 20 Million People!

As you may have heard on my interview with Dr. Joe, he wants to help 20 million people raise their self-esteem.

Why so many? Because he feels it will help the combined consciousness of the world get to a tipping point where we reach a critical mass. In the process of raising our self-esteem, we will have created a better, more peaceful, loving and supportive world.

Naturally, he can't do that by himself! I love his idea - I'm in! Are you? I want to do what little things I do that will help - what will you do? I'd just love it if you would join us - find out more HERE how you can start, yourself, or help someone else. Thanks!

Warmest Regards,

Angela Treat Lyon

PS. REMEMBER to claim your eye-opening audio recording for free! HERE

P.P.S. Check out this fabulous interview of Dr. Joe by Ridgely Goldsborough! You'll want to take notes!

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